What is this game?

In the quirky town of Paperville, a prominent monocle-wearing millionaire mysteriously disappears. It is up to the penniless (and easily distracted) Paperville Detectives to track down this missing person, investigating the events that led up to the millionaire’s disappearance. As the investigation inches closer to its goal, the peculiar mystery of the Snowflake Moon starts to unravel…

Snowflake Moon: A Paperville Mystery is a point-and-click adventure game where you play as Frankus, a bumbling first-time detective. Explore Paperville, interrogate suspects and find vital clues to track down the missing millionaire before time runs out! (Well, there isn’t really a time-limit in the game, but saying “before time runs out!” just makes it seem a lot more exciting, doesn’t it? Hurry!)

Sounds cool. What can I play it on?

Snowflake Moon will be available on PC & Mac in early 2017, and is coming to Android and iOS devices later in the year.

Who made this? Seems like the work of dark, tortured artists

LOL. No. It was made by these two smiling folks:

Skye Saxon and Elias Nohra

Skye Saxon is a member of the Studio A artists collective, and is responsible for all of Snowflake Moon’s hand-drawn artwork. All of the game’s locations and characters were created by Skye, including complex backstories that will only be revealed in potential sequels (please buy the game!)

Elias Nohra (@eliasnohra) is a digital artist and did all the technical programmy-thingies, as well as collaborating with Skye on the script and doing that job called “producer” which I’m not convinced is a job at all, and Elias needs to stop pretending he’s doing things.

This is the team’s very first videogame.

What is this “Studio A” you mention?

Studio A is an arts studio that supports artists with intellectual disability to find professional pathways for their art practice. You can read more on their website and you should ABSOLUTELY follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, because the work of their artists is the best, and will make you feel real good everyday.

And that amazing soundtrack I’ve heard so much about?

Oh, you mean the one you can buy here? That was created by the Australian Institute of Music Game Ensemble, co-ordinated by Meghann O’Neill.

Skye and Elias with the AIM Game Ensemble. L to R: David Forbes, Mikaela Grob, Elias, Josh Olds, Zack Taylor, Joel Pearson, Skye & Meghan O’Neill

We’re really proud of the soundtrack and it was a super-fun collaboration that resulted in the entire game being scored by 6 talented composers.


Sure is! Follow us on Twitter, or sign up here to access our beta and receive updates on the game’s release.

The Paperville Detectives